Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The term in review by Tehmi H.

What's been happening in 3B this term. . .

In 3B this term first we had CALC week.  In CALC we made hands that on the fingers we wrote words like "friendship" and "environment".  Then CALC week was finished.

Later on in the term a hockey clinic came to the school.  3B had a wonderful time doing that.  Not long after we had a tennis clinic.  We enjoyed that but not as much as the hockey clinics.

Towards the end of the term we did another CALC activity. We split into groups labelled 1 through to 12.  Each group dressed 2 kids up in newspaper costumes made by the other kids in the group.  For example, some groups made princess costumes of Wookie costumes and things like that.  Much later in the term we started doing the Queens Writing Competition.  We have all had a go at writing for all of the four tasks so we have a great selection of works for our teachers to choose from. 

It has been a great term!


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