Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Bridge Building in Science

Hello everyone in 3B!

Last week in science we completed an interesting engineering task where we investigated "what makes a strong bridge".

We had several goes at this task after watching a presentation about various kinds of bridges and structures around the world.  We then made our structures out of paper and tested their weight bearing properties using plastic building cubes.  Some of structures held more than 100 cubes!

Tehmi said "I liked how everybody work together in our group in the end. . . we had a few arguments about what the best structure would be but we managed it in the end."

Georgia said, "I liked how we all tried out different strategies, even if one didn't work then you could always have a go at another one."

"The interesting part was finding out about how forces could help hold up the bridge." Josh commented as we discussed our findings during the week.

Perhaps we have some budding engineers in 3B!

Cheerio for now -

Ms Jolly

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