Wednesday, 10 February 2016


On Friday we had Science (3A and 3B) in 3B's Room. We discovered that if you put food dye in milk water it will turn a colour. The colour depends of what colour you put in. The ingredients are: Milk, food dye, detergent, water, cup and spoon. Put any colour into the milk! Then swirl them both around. Put dish washing liquid (detergent) into the milk, and what do you think happened??? We ended up with a big ripple!!!!! Ms Jolly tried doing green and red into milk then added loads of dish washing liquid... It over lapped and went to the side! it was amazing a wonderfull to know this! You may try this at home! Have a parent to help.

The fat in the milk holds the food dye in place, adding the detergent causes the fat in the milk to thin and the molecules to split apart. This is the effect that causes the mixing colours.
By 3A and 3B -Ava and Sienna

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