Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Welcome to 4A 2017!

Welcome back for another exciting year at KPS!

4A have got off to a flying start this year, and we have many CALC ("creating a learning community") activities now under our belt.  The most important of these were our personal goal setting (which we will discuss with parents and caregivers at the upcoming Parent Teacher interviews) as well as creating a code of conduct for our classroom.

We have also had some exciting visits to start the year already in Grade 4: on Monday of this week students were visited by Alison from St John Ambulance. Students were able to practice CPR and learn about what to do when there is an emergency.  Students loved this free program, and all of them felt it was a valuable reminder of what to do when providing first aid.

Today (Thursday) we have been outside participating in tennis "Hot Shots" clinics.  We all enjoyed the opportunity to practice our tennis skills outside in the cool of the morning!

We look forward to many more wonderful things happening in our grade this year!

Cheerio for now -

Ms Jolly and 4A