Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Gizmos, Gadgets, Feathers and Leaves!

What an intriguing start to a blog post!  This term is 3B we are studying the topic "Feathers, Fur and Leaves" for science - our budding investigators have already begun to explore what biological systems are and how things in our lives are catagorised.  We have started a Science Table and Chat board with 3A and below are our current exhibits - and our new class pet, Fang!

During this term we are also beginning to investigate Simple Machines - or Gizmos and Gadgets. All of our students have enjoyed bringing in their simple machines from home: below our budding inventor Matt shows off his home made pulley while Josh proudly holds his drone! Great job on bringing these in for share and learn everyone!

We're looking forward to camp now, and as we head towards the end of year, to the exciting times we still have ahead in 3B!

Cheerio for now -

Ms Jolly and 3B