Sunday, 22 May 2016

Something Wonderful. . .

Welcome again to 3B's blog!

We have been busy in our grade over the past several weeks preparing for Open Night, Education week and also NAPLAN.  All students handled their first official testing period with great maturity: well done everyone in Grade 3 on getting the first NAPLANs under your belt!

Along with the business of the past few weeks we have also been focusing on narrative writing, culminating in each student publishing a picture story book of a fractured fairy tale. These have been very popular in both grades, and we have been sharing them during independent reading sessions.

Students have also been studying Inventions Around the World in their integrated unit.  Combining both reading response skills and imagination, students were asked to create an invention of their own based on the book "Something Wonderful" by Raewyn Caisley & Karen Blair.  Some of our budding inventors suggested the following:

* Eliza P said she would "borrow her neighbour's rabbits, connect them together and make a lawn mower

* Micheal B said he would make a large self-moving rabbit feeder

*Evie K said she would dismantle her computer to make a robot gymnastics teacher. 

These were just some of the great ideas from our wonderful thinkers in 3B!

Cheerio for now - Ms Jolly and 3B

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