Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Welcome back for another exciting term in Grade 3/4A!

Hello !

Welcome back to what we're all sure will be en exciting term in 3/4A.  We are currently looking forward to our upcoming Museum Excursion next Thursday the 24th, where we will spend time exploring our new topic of Australia's traditional people.  Melbourne Museum has a fabulous indigenous garden walk, and we will spend time exploring that when we are there, as well as looking at Melbourne's transport (a tie in to finishing our topic last term).

We are also all busy reading for the Premier's Reading Challenge: remember to log your books in at home or at school.  All students have been issued with a password earlier on in the year, and are expected to have logged in all the fabulous reading they have been doing.

Cheerio for now -

Ms Jolly and Grade 3/4A

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