Monday, 9 June 2014

Being reading detectives. . .

This week Grade 3/4A are having three intense Reader's Workshops focusing on the skill of making inferences. Good readers are always scanning texts for things that are "seen" (ie, stated) and things that are "unseen" (the opinions we form from the clues given by the text).  The week has begun with a "What's in the Backpack" session where students summise things about a person's character from the items in their backpack. . . some of which you can see below.

As part of our inferential reading skills week we will also be watching the Pixar short film "One Man Band" - a fabulously funny film with lots of scope for inference making (image from "Google images").


By the end of this week's workshops Grade 3/4 will all be Inferential Super Sleuths!  

Cheerio for now - Ms Jolly and Grade 3/4A

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