Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Post Camp Reflections. . .

Hello again everyone!

We are well and truly settled back in to work after last week's exciting camp at Arrabri Lodge! We have just had a little time this week to think about and reflect on our camping experience. . . here are some of what the students of 3/4A thought!

Ben H said "The giant swing was the best part of camp. You could put yourself out of your comfort zone if you wanted to, but you didn't have to if you felt like a small swing."

Eric H said "Climbing the steep hill was best because it was tiring and good exercise for you."

Erin C said "The giant swing was the best part for me but I also liked the rock climbing wall because I went nearly all the way around."

Brooke S said "The flying fox was great because it when you hit the tyre at the end it felt like you were going to fall!"

We all had fun together at Arrabri Lodge. . . here are some photos below!

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